• Is this a free service?

Socialcaresource.co.uk is a secure membership and networking website. Our service remains free for social care customers with up front membership based pricing options for social care providers (30 day free trial included). 

  • Will there be a commission, percentage or transaction fee to pay from my budget or from any agreements that are reached?

Socialcaresource.co.uk is the first 100% commission free resource in the United Kingdom for anyone with a budget to purchase social care and any social care provider with a service to offer. There is no commission, percentage or transaction fee to pay for using our resource. All agreements that are reached remain between customers and providers. 

  • Can Socialcaresource.co.uk provide advice or guidance in relation to social care?

No advice or guidance is given in relation to social care. Socialcaresource.co.uk enables Social Care Customers and Social Care Providers to communicate directly to discuss options, review documents and secure agreement.

  • Can I sign in with my Facebook or Google account?

Yes, you can do this as a social care customer.

  • What will appear in my request or provider profile?

You have control over the information that you create. 

  • How long does it take to create a request or provider profile?

It takes minutes.

  • How long can my request or provider profile remain open for?

You have control over how long your request or provider profile remains open.

  • How should I use the Messaging Service?

You have control over the information that you create and send.

  • What if no one makes contact with me? 

You may or may not receive a response to the request or provider profile that you create. If this is the case you are free to login and update your request or provider profile at any time. As a customer you can create as many free requests as you like to source the services that you are interested in purchasing.    

  • Which types of document can I upload as a provider?

The choice is yours. Documents are a great way of providing information about the types of services that are on offer. Upload five documents for review at any one time. Several document formats are available.

  • How long does the Registration process take for a provider?

Identity verification and registration checks take less than 24 hours. We work in Partnership with GBGroup.plc and can verify the Identity of over 4 Billion Citizens Worldwide. 

  • What about the personal data that I provide when I sign up?

Your online security is important. The personal data that you provide when you sign up is for registration security purposes only and will not appear in the request or provider profile that you create. We work in partnership with GBGroup.plc for Identity Verification. GBGroup.plc provide B2C (Business to Customer) and B2B (Business to Business) services. GBGroup.plc are a trusted provider to the Government. We are also registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO Register: ZA060471) to ensure that your data is handled securely. 

  • Is your website secure?

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