Our resource is open to anyone in the United Kingdom with a budget to purchase social care and any social care provider with a service to offer. Our resource responds to a growing trend which is impacting upon individual and organisational budgets. This trend involves companies taking a commission, percentage or transaction fee to find  and match services to social care customers.  

We are different. We aim to save you time and money. There is no commission, percentage or transaction fee to pay. All agreements that are reached remain between customers and providers. 

We are also the first social care membership and networking resource in the United Kingdom to use Identity Verification for online security. We work in partnership with GBGroup.plc and MTC Media to deliver a world class web solution that remains free for social care customers with up front membership based pricing options for social care providers (30 day free trial included).

Create, search, communicate and review to secure the agreement that you are looking for. 

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  • Physiotherapy at home
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